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Six Million Nepalis Working Abroad

on 2003/10/19 1:43:02 ( 1339 reads )


KATHMANDU, NEPAL, October 19, 2003: There is no official record of how many Nepalis are living on other countries. Representatives of the nonresident Nepalis, using their own resources and means, have compiled these numbers on Nepalis living in foreign lands. There are 21 million Nepalese in Nepal, who are 89.5% Hindu. About five million Nepalis are estimated to be living in SAARC countries and about 1.2 million more are scattered in 40 other countries around the world, The Rising Nepal said. Of them, there are about 400,000 Nepalis in Burma, 12,000 in Thailand, 2,000 each in France and Belgium, 1,100 in The Netherlands, 4,000 in Germany, 1,000 in Portugal, 500 in Spain, 1,000 in Russia, 1,500 in South Africa, 73,000 in Hong Kong, 5,000 in Singapore, 125,000 in Malaysia and 1,000 in The Philippines. There are 12,000 Nepalis in Japan, 80,000 in Korea, and 2,000 in China. There are 215,000 Nepalis in Saudi Arabia, 70,000 in Qatar, 5,000 in Oman, 50,000 in Israel, 12,000 in Kuwait, 70,000 in the UAE and 8,000 in Australia. It is believed the more frequent emigration of men is responsible for the statistic that women outnumber men within Nepal by 500,000.

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