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Slideshow Presentation on the British Legacy of India in Three Parts

on 2020/8/1 11:20:00 ( 436 reads )


INDIA July 30, 2020 (Slideshare by Arindam Bandyopadhyay): This excellent power point presentation by Dr. Arindam Bandyopadhyay of Texas covers the British legacy in India from the 18th century.

In part one ("source" above), Bandyopadhyay explains how the British themselves never tire of "pointing with pride" to what they claim to have done and to be doing for the benefit of the Indian people. But, he points out, what knowledge we have regarding the matter, comes almost wholly from British sources, and hence the majority of us do not suspect that there is another side to the story.

The British were perhaps the most successful pirates in history. They came to India, pillaged the country in the name of trade and then enslaved it in the name of civilization. Perhaps the most important aspect of colonial rule was the transfer of wealth from India to Britain...without capital from India, British banks would have found it impossible to fund the modernization of Britain that took place in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Part Two covers literacy, development and governance in British-ruled India and Part Three covers famines--one of the most extraordinary examples of whitewashing of history is the sustained, continuing deletion from world history of two centuries of massive, recurrent, man-made famine in British India beginning with the Great Bengal Famine of 1769-1770.

Part Two: ... 8a5f8&v=&b=&from_search=1

Part Three: ... 8a5f8&v=&b=&from_search=3

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