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Studio Connects Yoga and Meditation to Nature in UAE

on 2019/2/2 11:08:31 ( 426 reads )


DUBAI, UAE, February 1, 2019 (Gulf News): While meditation has been around since 1500 BC, it has recently been reintroduced into mainstream culture becoming the latest craze among fitness geeks and celebrities alike on social media. Considered an important part of yoga, the practice, which was born thousands of years before the birth of modern civilisation, is now offered in yoga studios and self-observed through various meditation apps that help with issues such as sleep, anxiety, and stress. The earliest records of meditation practices go back to the Vedic or Hindu schools in India, while the word meditation, is from the Latin word meditatum meaning to ponder. Dubai is no exception to the growing trend that has many people allocating from as little as five minutes to an hour a day of silence and self-reflection.

Meet certified yoga instructor Lina Zoghaib, founder of Yogi Truck, a mobile studio that connects the practice of yoga and meditation to nature. "It allows nature lovers to practise everything from yoga and meditation to outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing and cycling in serene areas all around the UAE," she said. Launched in 2015, the Yogi Truck is a project that aims to "get people in the UAE off their sofas and into the great outdoors," she added. After being diagnosed with cancer and completing her treatment in early 2018, Zoghaib took a course and has also become certified to teach yoga to cancer patients. "Meditation helps participants be mindful and present in the moment, while helping them increase positive thoughts, awareness, focus, and self-connection," she explained.

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