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Thanksgiving Minus the Turkey

on 2003/11/22 0:46:02 ( 1578 reads )


USA, November 22, 2003: Hindus in America are about to be faced with Thanksgiving and its traditional turkey feast. It's not a Hindu holiday, of course, there is no obligation to celebrate and the turkeys would appreciate it if you didn't. However, for those who by choice or social obligation find it necessary, there is a vegetarian alternative, several in fact, of which the most established in Tofurky ("source"). Yes, that's a turkey-shaped tofu product, a marvel of food engineering, complete with the Thanksgiving standards of gravy, wild rice, cranberry-apple potato dumplings, etc. There's even an artificial "wishbone" (the forked furcula bone of a bird) to fulfill a Thanksgiving custom, one that actually goes back to Roman times. Two people make a wish, then pull opposite sides of this bone until it breaks, with the one getting the larger piece having his wish fulfilled.

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