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The Festival of Sacred Thread

on 2019/8/12 11:57:35 ( 689 reads )


INDIA, August 11, 2019 (Daily Excelsior by Ashok Sharma): India is famous for various festivals which reflect our rich culture and heritage. There are festivals for almost every religious and social occasion in our country. We have festivals associated with seasons, human bonds, harvest of crops, glory of Gods and Goddesses etc. One such eagerly awaited function named Rakshabandhan, literally meaning the Bond of Protection, is celebrated to mark the unconditional love of brothers and sisters. Primarily a North Indian festival, it symbolizes the subliminal bond of unconditional love and affection between a brother and a sister. This day is also known as Rakhi Poornima, falls on the Full Moon day, in the Month of Shravan as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar.

This is a secular festival celebrated irrespective of caste, religion, state and is also popular in our neighboring countries such as Nepal and Mauritius. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread on the wrist of their brothers, male cousins, and adopted brothers who promise them protection from untoward happenings and assure them their unconditional love. The sisters, in turn, pray for a long and happy life of their brothers. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Preparations for the celebration of this festival start many days in advance. Sisters start buying raakhis as per the age and taste of their brothers and their own budgets while the brothers start surveying the markets for gifts to be presented to their sisters on this pious occasion. As the day of Raakhi comes, there is an atmosphere of joy and festivity in each and every household.

More on the festival at "source" above.

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