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The World and Hinduism: 33 Stamps That Depict the Glorious Roots of Hinduism

on 2019/2/27 11:07:44 ( 1026 reads )


INDIA, February 24, 2019 ( Hinduism and its reach are noticeable in the immediate neighborhood, with a deep influence on Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan & even Burma. However, in South East Asian countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Mauritius, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam; the influence of Hinduism is even more obvious. Hinduism has also spread to other corners of the world and is followed in many more countries globally.

Across the world, Stamps are used to honor a nation's heroes, momentous events, symbols and culture. Stuck on envelopes, they travel the far reaches of the country as well as across the world and propagate their message. The Hindu Deities have similarly managed to assimilate themselves in the popular culture of many countries and have found a place on the face of many stamps. Country after country expressed pride in their association with the principles, symbols and stories of Hinduism.

Must see collection of very cool stamps issued around the world at "source".

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dk mendiratta
Published: 2019/2/28 10:34  
 More About Hinduism
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Author Thread
Published: 2019/3/5 17:57  
Thanks for this interesting information about Hinduism featured in postage stamps around the world. I am an avid stamp collector with good range of collections from my childhoods. I take great pride to preserve them and always observes when our dharma is featured. I suggest Kuai Adheenam create a museum of such nature to preserve stamps , currencies and coins featuring our faith. It will be a great treasure for future generation. And I will be happy to contribute in ways possible.
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