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Two Calculations for Mahasivaratri

on 2010/2/9 8:04:01 ( 915 reads )

Source: HPI

KAPAA, HI, USA, February 10, 2010: The monks at the headquarters of Hinduism Today magazine have been contacting specialists on Hindu scripture and tradition to clarify the date when Mahasivaratri is celebrated.

Apart from regional variations, such as is the case in Bali, there are two basic ways to calculate Sivaratri, according to the lunar month or solar month. Those who follow the lunar month celebrate it in the month of Magha, or February 11/12 this year, a calculation most popular in North India. Those who follow the South Indian solar month are celebrating it on Masi, March 12.

Usually the two calendars overlap and there is no difference in date, but this year Sivaratri will be celebrated both months, depending on one's locality and tradition, because Masi begins on February 12 but that is still the lunar month of Magha.

[HPI note: This year, Kauai's Hindu Monastery will celebrate Mahasivaratri on February 11, tomorrow.]

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