HOUSTON, TEXAS, January 3, 2014 (HPI Report): The World Hindu News website and RSS newsfeed was launched here November 14, 2013.

Editor in Chief, Rahul Chandra, explains the objectives:

“World Hindu News is for Hindus, by Hindus and of Hindus. Hindu organizations–whether social-cultural, political or dharmic (religious) have always had a requirement: a transparent, non-biased and comprehensive news publication of news pertinent to Hindus. Whether the news is regarding Hindu human rights violation or resurgent Hinduism, mainstream media haven’t cooperated with worldwide Hindu organizations in providing proper coverage. This gave an opportunity to media forces with vested interests to take advantage of this gap and publish distorted news as per biased positioning of editorial teams towards Hindus and Hinduism. As a result, a large requirement gap exists in publishing news specific to Hindu cause on a global news platform.”

The website states the project was blessed by Swami Vigyanand of the world Hindu Foundation, and inaugurated with blessings from Dr. Mahesh Mehta (VHP vice-president) and Shri Ashok Chowgule (VHP Bharat President-External).

The website is in its present state of development a news aggregator, drawing from a wide variety of reports by websites, newspapers and magazines around the world. It is not yet, as far as we could tell, providing original reporting, but hopefully this aspect will be developed in the near future.

We at Hindu Press International wish them well!