JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, June, 2021 (monsoonjournal.com): HPI note: This comprehensive four-page article is available in PDF form at “source” below, pages 38 to 41. An excerpt:

One of the most well-known identity markers of Jaffna, widely used by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau as an emblem of the region, is the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple. It shows up well in promotional photos with its unique facade and is thus a well-known feature in Jaffna Postcards. People from around the world familiar with the area or visited it even once recognize the famed iconic temple instantly. It’s a beacon to millions with its Tamil lettered “Om Muruga” flashing Gopuram at its main entrance ushering in the faithful and the culturally curious alike, from both local and international shores. In the heart of Jaffna city, surrounded by pristine white sands and an ever elaborately evolving temple structure, adored by millions, Lord Murugan reigns supreme.