KAUAI, HAWAII, July 24, 2021 (Hinduism Today by Reiley Wilson): I had always thought of myself as spiritual but not religious (SBNR). Growing up, I attended a Lutheran church and I was taught gnostic teachings at home by my mother. I did not believe in what the church was preaching, yet I continued to attend with my parents as I was merely a child.

I first heard the term Hindu at age 16. In my light, preliminary research, I found and absorbed many of the aesthetic aspects. For example, seeing Ganesha’s image made me feel good, so I kept photos of Him in my school locker and on the home screen of my cell phone.

When I considered myself SBNR, I felt I was free from what I considered the constraints of religion. But I have learned that HInduism has none of those limits. I am convinced that today’s push towards spirituality without religion, and even towards atheism comes from a rejection of Abrahamic faiths, since those do not offer the countless options of worship and introspection as found in Hinduism.

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