AYODHYA, INDIA, September 17, 2021 (TNN): With the rollout of the 48th layer of compact concrete, raising the 50-foot thick temple foundation to 351ft. above sea level, the fortified Ramjanmabhoomi premises was showcased for the first time on Thursday by the Temple Trust, which declared completion of the first phase of construction. Officials of the Trust confirmed that with a robust foundation in place, the Ram temple’s sanctum sanctorum will be thrown open to pilgrims by December 2023, just months before the Lok Sabha polls.

Despite the design hanging fire for several months after the first pillar wobbled in loose sand and a streaming Sarayu River underground, India’s best tech brains hammered out the final foundation blueprint, which took more than a year to roll out after PM Narendra Modi performed the bhoomipujan on August 5 last year. On Thursday, the Temple Trust invited journalists to Ramjanmabhoomi premises for the first time to have a glimpse of the sprawling 2.77 acre foundation, which is 50-feet deep, 400-feet long and 300-feet wide. It was raised with roller compacted concrete of stone ash, stone powder and cement with each layer of 12 inch thickness.

See following article from March, 2021, for more information.

video (in Hindi): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=220vNrgAgJM
and (also in Hindi): https://youtu.be/jP92tMc_58w?t=115