KAUAI, HAWAII, November 25, 2021: Hinduism Today is looking for someone to write a story on the Theosophical movement which was begun in 1875 by Madam Blavatsky and based on Greek, Hindu, Buddhist and Spiritualist theologies. In its original form, it is a deeply mystical system acknowledging spiritual planes and beings beyond our own. A major center founded by Annie Besant is still active in Adyar, Chennai.  Besant herself played a role in support of India’s Independence movement. Other centers exist today around the world, but it remains largely unknown to Hindus. 

Our goal is to research Theosophy’s influence both in East and West, with a particular focus on the movement’s adaptations of Hindu and Buddhist thought and practice.  The resulting story will inform the current generation about an influential and fascinating spiritual movement that played a major role in the promotion of Eastern religious thinking in the West.

If you are interested, please contact the Managing Editor at ar@hindu.org.