INDIA, December 28, 2021 (MSN, by Savio Rodrigues): At the onset let me state this fact as clearly and as bluntly as possible: I am an Indian Christian. India is my motherland. And I am not a persecuted Christian in India. I read with intrigue the recent New York Times article, “Arrests, Beatings and Secret Prayers: Inside the persecution of India’s Christians.” Not too long ago I faced vicious attacks on social media and phone calls to my family from certain sections of the Christian community when I questioned the veracity of a statement made by an Archbishop from Delhi. He opined that “Christians are in danger in India,” and I disagreed with him.

The reason I disagree with some of the messages of the Catholic Church leaders is because while they think they are highlighting a growing concern for the Christians, which they should, the matter of a few cases of Christian persecution cannot be generalized to be the plight of all Christians in India. Sadly, through their statements, Church leaders target the Narendra Modi-led BJP government that is portrayed as a Hindu majority political party. But in all fairness, Prime Minister Modi and BJP is not the problem; it is the conversion effort that is the real trigger to the disharmony between Christians and Hindus in India. Religious freedom is every citizen’s constitutional right. You are free to live your faith in India, as long as you respect the faith of other citizens. Proselytizing the Christian faith while demonizing Hindu and Hindu faith is against the very Constitution that gives you the freedom to profess your Christian faith in India.

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