PADUA, ITALY, June 21, 2022 (Facebook, translated from Italian of original source): There is the fire that destroys, which manifests itself in the form of fire, such as the one that on the night between 4 and 5 November 2021, which devastated the Hindu temple Shree Salasar Mandir, a place of worship so loved by the Hindus of Padua province and beyond, which had been inaugurated only a year earlier. And there is also the fire that creates, purifies, marks a new life. Around the temple’s homa fire, in a solemn and intimate moment, a community was reborn, and the new temple was reborn. In the same Arcella district, in the former Funghi area, in an area where interculture is expressed with the faces, rites, habits and customs of different peoples who have tried to enhance their identity by obtaining a small space in the interior of the city. It is a microworld that blooms especially on Sundays when steps, gazes and lives from different latitudes and longitudes cross each other inside that courtyard.

Saturday, June 4, was a day of celebration: the pundit Ramesh Shastri took the opportunity of the inauguration to thank all those who contributed to giving space to a place of worship that favors social interaction, dialogue and exchange between its participants. “The temple is a space open to everyone regardless of their origin from different Indian states: we need to be united in worshiping Shere Balaji,” he said. Yes, because the reopening of the temple, in a different structure than the previous one, was possible thanks to the work of the community that strongly requested it. A variegated community rich in diversity, in which there are Indian citizens of Padua and its province, but also a part of the Hindu community of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

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