MADURAI, INDIA, November 9, 2022 (Madurai Meenakshi HRCE): According to legend, the sacred Suyambulingam discovered by the king of Gods Indira at Kadambavanam, was later enshrined by him in Madurai. Many historical evidences of the temple have been found dating back from early C.E. The temple was almost completely destroyed in the year 1310 following the invasion of the Islamic conqueror Malikkapur. The temple was restored to its pristine glory in the late 14th century when the Hindu kings came back to power in Madurai. Thirugnanasambandar, the Hindu saint, has mentioned the temple in his songs which go back to the early 7th century. The Lord has been described as Alavai Iraivan in his songs. Two principal sanctuaries sit at the center of the temple complex. One is dedicated to Meenakshi (who is considered a manifestation of the Goddess Parvati), and another is dedicated to Sundareswara or “Beautiful Lord” (a form of God Shiva).

The 360 virtual tour at source has amazing views of the temple complex starting with the street view and entrance. You can view the intricately painted ceilings and many pillared halls, including the famous Ayirakkai Mandapanm or Thousand Pillared Hall.