INDIA, November 28, 2022 (Hinduism Today by Anuradha Goyal): A museum is a glimpse into a time and space that we are not a part of, an opportunity to interact with the past through what has been left behind for us. It is a time travel of its kind. Museum comes from the root word muse and traces its roots to 16th century Florence, where it referred to collections of curious objects. Museums as we know them now were first established in Oxford in the late 1700s. In India, the first one came up in 1814 at Calcutta, and it was simply called the Indian Museum. This continues to be one of the best-loved museums in the country, holding some of the finest collections, including Buddhist stupas and railings from Bharhut.

Today museums are popping up everywhere, showcasing the grandeur of the past, history of technological evolution, human stories and micro-histories of all possible subjects. Sometimes they go all-out and create dioramas and virtual cities to showcase the living traditions. In a world of digital enticements, India’s museums showcase enduring material creativity.

Take a tour to some of the museums that showcase the nation as it was, as it evolved and as it stands today, in this extensive article at source.