PARIS, FRANCE, March 18, 2023 (Philharmonie de Paris, Google translate from the original French): Balinese gamelan are ensembles of primarily percussive instruments made of bronze and bamboo and may also include drums, flutes, strings, and voice. The Philharmonie de Paris presents Dances and Masked Ballet of Ballet thru September 18, 2023. Divided into two parts, each introduced by a gamelan musical piece, this large-scale evening highlights several jewels of Balinese dance.

After a musical opening with gamelan gong kebyar , which brings together 25 instrumentalists, the first part of the evening presents a series of emblematic Balinese dances. Beginning with a musical piece played on a magnificent gamelan semar pegulingan , which we very rarely have the opportunity to hear, the second part then brings the legong kraton (royal narrative ballet) to the stage, stunning peak of classical dance Balinese, then a spectacular story involving two gamelans, magnificent masks and a choreographed kecak choir .

Watch a recording of this amazing live performance at source.