BALI, INDONESIA, May 24, 2023 (The Bali Sun): In recent months the provincial government of Bali deployed a tourism task force to crack down on foreigners breaking their visa conditions. This week the Head of Bali’s Tourism Office has announced another task force deployment whose job is to supervise tourists in adhering to local laws and cultural principles. Known as the Task Force for the Acceleration of Implementation of Tourism Governance, officers will be brought together from a number of local agencies. They are tasked with the role of accelerating the implementation of culture-based, quality and dignified Bali Tourism Governance. In short, the officers will be tasked with keeping an eye on all tourism-related activities in Bali. This, they hope, will help ensure that tourists have an enjoyable stay on the island and that local customs and cultural values are respected and upheld.

The deployment of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Implementation of Tourism Governance comes as part of a series of proposed changes tabled by Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster. In recent weeks Governor Koster has proposed implementing a tourism quota that would cap the number of tourists allowed to enter Bali every year. He has also proposed that all tourists be banned from driving any kind of vehicle on the island in favor of being driven by a local driver booked through a government-approved travel agent. He further proposed that the visa on arrival be revoked for travelers from Russia and Ukraine and has suggested that a financial check needs to be introduced as part of the visa on arrival application. It should be noted that none of these proposed policy changes have been written into legislation. But officials have confirmed that progress is being made. All this, in addition to the task force and the good tourist guide that is set for publishing by the Bali provincial government, is all part of an island-wide move to crack down on a small but seemingly rising number of misbehaving tourists on the island.

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