PAKISTAN, January 23, 2021(How2HaveFun by WIK): I have been to quite a few Hindu Temples in Pakistan and hear stories of families living there for ages having to move out overnight during Partition. Combine that image with the dilapidated condition of long-abandoned Hindu Temples, this does not make a pleasant sight. But some, with their gold, saffron, and orange colors, stand out significantly. The traces of the British Raj’s machinations of using one community against the other to sow discord in a society that had its own equilibrium, is very obvious to see. At least Prime minister Imran Khan is on the right track when he clearly says “I want to warn our people that anyone in Pakistan targeting our non-Muslim citizens or their places of worship will be dealt with strictly… our minorities are equal citizens of this country”

Statistics say there were 1,288 Hindu temples during partition in 1947 out of which 428 were functional for a while. From the 428 only 31 are functional as of today – and I have evidence to support this. Some of the non-functional Hindu Mandir are simple Dharmshala or single- room huts out in Agricultural fields. The affluent Hindus in Pakistan left for safer grounds in 1947 and abandoned their temples which the Auqat Trust of Pakistan to take over. Of the functional Hindu Mandirs, a few are very tastefully decorated with Deities, murals and fresco paintings of religious figures,and symbols. I find the ancient myth, folk lore and history of Hindu Temples very fascinating and that is why I write about them in my travels.

For a list of 72 functional and non-functional Hindu temples in Pakistan see source.