AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, September 11, 2023 (Scoop): Auckland witnessed the grand celebration of New Zealand’s diverse Dharmic communities with DharmaFest 2023 on Saturday, 9th September. Organized by Hindu Youth New Zealand (HYNZ), DharmaFest was an event to bring together New Zealand’s Dharma based groups, temples, and spiritual organizations to showcase the beautiful dimensions of New Zealand’s diverse Dharmic communities and celebrate Vibhinnatayam Ekatvam – Unity in Diversity. Following the tremendous community support and success of last year’s event, DharmaFest 2023 was organized at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Eden Terrace, Auckland. The event had an overwhelming turnout and was received positively by the community. The event commenced with the traditional welcoming of representatives from various Dharma groups followed by the lighting of the diya (lamp) to mark the auspicious beginning of DharmaFest.

Swami Atmananda Puri from the Hindu community, Shri Hemant Vora from the Jain community, Venerable Rewatha Thero from the Buddhist Community and Shri Gurpreet Singh from Sikh community each recited traditional prayers from their tradition and blessed the proceedings for the day. It was a momentous occasion for New Zealand, witnessing the assembly of leaders from a range of Dharma-based communities who were united in their commitment to enhance the well-being of New Zealand society. DharmaFest created a platform for everyone in New Zealand to interact with the Dharmic communities as well as each of the different organizations to unite, interact, and highlight their distinctive contributions to Aotearoa New Zealand. Every participating organization had the chance to exhibit the rich facets of Dharmic culture and illustrate the diverse community’s contributions to the broader New Zealand society.

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