INDIA, September 15, 2023 (The Organiser, by TS Venkatesan): The DMK government in Tamil Nadu is adding to the woes of the statue makers of Bhagwan Ganesha as the self-proclaimed environmentalists woke up from their slumber to stop the statues being made and posed various obstacles by using the police force against the statue makers. Tamil Nadu’s Dravidian government and half baked atheists are stating that Vinayagar worship is a north Indian custom and it has no place in the south. The devotees have to move pillar to post and to the courts to get approval for installation and immersion of the statues. Some of the progressive and proactive learned judges, on their part, would give sermons to organizers of Hindu festivals ( not to other faiths) or issue restrictions.

This year is no exception to this orchestrated pattern. The opposition stems from the choice of clay, plaster of paris, eco friendly chemical paints, size, installation, crowd and timing of prayers to immersion route. A couple of days ago, a petition was submitted by the Hindu People’s Party to the local police station seeking permission to worship statues and processions at 22 places in Kaundhapadi in Erode district, 13 places under Gunnathur police station in Tirupur district, and 16 places in Sirumuga in Coimbatore. Against the rejection of these petitions, petitions were filed in the Madras High Court seeking permission to place the statue of Ganesha and for the procession. While hearing the case, Justice N Anand Venkatesh commented “Ganesha did not ask to keep the statue and take it in a procession” and pointedly questioned, “what is the benefit of these celebrations to the people?”

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