BANGKOK, THAILAND, November 24, 2023 ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat said today that India will show the path of happiness and satisfaction to the world which is tottering after experiments with materialism, communism and capitalism.

Addressing the inaugural session of the Third World Hindu Congress (WHC) in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, Bhagwat appealed to Hindus around the world to connect with each other and together create a link with the world. He further said, “The world is one family and we will make everyone Aryan.”

Addressing the thinkers, activists, leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world, he said, “We will have to reach out to every Hindu and establish contacts. All Hindus will come together and contact everyone in the world. Hindus are joining in more and more numbers and the process of connecting with the world has begun.

Bhagwat said, “Today’s world is tottering. For 2,000 years they have done many experiments to bring happiness, joy and peace. They have experimented with materialism, communism and capitalism. They has done experiments related to many religions. They have got material prosperity, but there is no satisfaction. After the Covid pandemic, they started reconsidering. Now it seems that they are unanimous in thinking that India will show the way. “We have to go and contact everyone, connect with them and bring them towards us with our services, we have enthusiasm. We are world leaders in selfless service, it is in our traditions and values. So reach out to people and win hearts.”

He said, “For this we will have to come together, live together and work together.” Bhagwat said, “Everyone will have to contribute something to the world. We have identified our specialty. We have respect for everyone. Our ancestors recognized this but we forgot this skill and were divided into pieces and subjugated. Now we have to come together.

Quoting the Tamil scripture, Tirukural, he said that resentment, hatred, hate speech, malice and ego prevent people from coming together and break the society or organization.

Swami Vigyanananda, founder and global president of the World Hindu Foundation, started the conference by blowing the conch. Representatives of more than 60 countries are participating in it.