GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, October 10, 2023 (Business Region Goteborg, Google translated from Swedish): By the water at Lindholmen, Gothenburg’s Hindu temple recently opened its doors. The initiative was taken – together with Business Region Gothenburg and Företaglotsen – to create a place that not only functions as a temple but also as a cultural center. The cultural center and temple, The Hindu Temple Society of Gothenburg , opened its doors with a grand opening ceremony on August 26. 2,600 visitors attended the opening event, but as many as 4,000 visitors are estimated to have visited the site during the day day. The establishment is intended a gathering place for the growing Indian population in the Gothenburg region.

The prerequisite for a new arrival to achieve maximum efficiency and be attracted to a new country is that there must be a gathering point or a center they can turn to, says Ravinder Raj from the Hindu Temple. We are proud to be able to offer this solution, which is a great advantage for those who see Sweden and Gothenburg as an alternative compared to other countries trying to attract this highly educated target group. The center gives the many Indians who have moved here to fill the skill gaps that exist in the region now an opportunity to meet and keep close to their roots. It gives Gothenburg a competitive advantage in the battle for the competence of the region’s development companies, says Johan Eckebrant, Business Manager at Business Region Gothenburg. Approximately 11,000 Indian citizens live in the region.