HAMM, GERMANY, July 7, 2024 (www.wa.de, Google translated from German): The Sri Kamadchi Ampal Temple was inaugurated on July 7, 2002. Since then, the annual temple festival has been one of the highlights of the Hindu community and again attracted thousands of visitors from home and abroad on Sunday. Uentrop–The big parade, in which the Goddess Sri Kamadchi Ampal is pulled by the believers in her magnificent chariot–is an experience in itself. The women in their festive dresses and with fire bowls on their heads, men whose cheeks or backs are pierced with metal hooks, men rolling over the asphalt – if you didn’t see the power plant in the background, the scents, the music and the colors could make you think you were far away from home. Plus the big market where you can enjoy exotic fruits, snacks and drinks.

Elisabeth Schweins from Haaren, who was strolling through the market with her daughter Melanie, is happy about the annual mini-vacation right on her doorstep. “We try out all kinds of culinary delights and have never been disappointed.” Some visitors also like to buy plants from India or Sri Lanka. Judesan “Jojo” Jesuthasan has them on offer. “I can’t even read the texts on the plants here,” admitted Jojo, laughing. After all, he has lived in Geldern on the Lower Rhine for 39 years–and you can tell. At its peak, around 5,000 visitors took part in the temple festival. Many visitors on Sunday also shared the impression that the number of people attending had decreased over the past few years. No official representatives from the city came to Siegenbeckstrasse. Police chief Thomas Kubera, however, was there for the first time.