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Title Hits
Publisher's Desk: "Mom, Dad, I’m an ...
Hinduism has never opposed the idea of disbelief, but its profound understandings of God make atheism more difficult
Global Dharma
In My Opinion: The Goddess in Your Pocket
A Hindu view of wealth, elevating our appreciation of abundance to the level of the Divine
Letters to the Editor
Quotes & Quips
Special Feature: Tiruketheeswaram Temple
Four hundred years after its destruction, the temple extolled by the ancient Tamil saints rises once again in ornate granite
Nepal: The Recluse Khaptad Baba
Originally a doctor, he meditated for 50 years in Nepal’s icy, isolated Himalayan foothills
Insight: Hinduism, the greatest religion in the world
A satguru's unequivocating insights on the Earth's oldest living faith
Pilgrimage: Finding Siva in Varanasi
Follow Savita Tiwari to the banks of the Ganga in Kashi, where she offers us a Mauritian’s perspective of this holy city, said to be the world’s oldest
Food: Why Brown Rice Is Healthier
Almost everyone eats white rice—but should they?
Science: The Mysteries of Memory
Our teenage correspondent explores the extremes of the human ability to remember, finding that some of the greatest accomplishments may belong to India
Malaysia: A Visit to Amma Lucy’s Siva Temple
A psychic Chinese girl in Malaysia grew up loving all things Indian/Hindu. Following her destiny, she created a temple and became its priest.
Mumbai’s Street Food Rocks!
Join our correspondent as she savors the culinary delights lining the roads
Digital Dharma
Opinion: Should Indian Education Be Secular?
Not when it results in a neglect of India’s historically important knowledge in math, astronomy, medicine, construction and more
Opinion: Am I Spiritual? Am I Religious? Neither? Both?
A London doctor reflects on how her upbringing was about being religious but not spiritual, and how that changed for her
The Mother Goddess of Mumbai City
Once the fishermen’s protector, today Mumbadevi reigns over India’s financial hub
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