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  • September 1993
  • HEALING: AIDS--A Man-Made Disease?
  • HEALING: AIDS--A Man-Made Disease?

    HEALING: AIDS--A Man-Made Disease?

    Doctor Tandavan

    By Doctor Tandavan

    AIDS, Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is the most controversial disease known today. There are many misconceptions about this disease, some deliberately circulated by the government agencies, some by political groups and some by the misinformed medical groups. The current (more or less) accepted belief is that the disease we call AIDS is due to HIV, human immunodeficiency virus. This is at least true by definition of the CDC, Center for Disease Control. The CDC has changed the definition over the years when their current definition did not cover the facts or symptoms.

    Many scientists tried to implicate the African green monkey as the harbinger of a mutated natural virus that suddenly became pathogenic to man and that this was transmitted by the monkey's biting a man. It is statistically impossible for the number of cases of AIDS found in Africa today to have come from a single source such as this. The statistics prove that there was a widespread infection at the beginning of the pandemic. It has also been noted that it is genetically impossible to transfer the HIV virus from monkey to man by natural means.

    The simultaneous appearance of the disease in the United States, Haiti, Brazil and Central Africa was no accident. There is monumental evidence available that the spreading of HIV was through contaminated vaccines that were used in these countries. There is no resemblance between HIV and monkey viruses; however, there is marked similarity between HIV and naturally occurring viruses in cattle, sheep and goats. None of these that are naturally found in the animals are pathogenic to man.

    There is irrefutable evidence that HIV is a manufactured virus, man made to be used in experiments sanctioned by the World Health Organization, National Cancer Institute and other organizations. This man-made virus in some manner contaminated the growth media that was used for producing the smallpox and hepatitis virus from which vaccines were to be made. Infected smallpox vaccine was used to vaccinate thousands of African people and an infected hepatitis vaccine was used to infect young gay men in California, most of whom volunteered for the research project for the control of hepatitis. This is the only reason that so many gay people were infected. AIDS has been a heterosexual disease from its insidious beginning. The gay lifestyle was ideal for the rapid spread of the fatal disease.

    No, the involved agencies have not admitted to their part in the pandemic, but the evidence is there and has been suppressed by all of the media except the London Times which published the smallpox/AIDS connection on May 11, 1987.

    If we believe the CDC's definition and the known doubling time of the disease (the time it takes for the number of people with the disease to double) of approximately one year, within twenty years the vast majority of the people in the world will be HIV infected. Unless a cure or treatment is found very soon, this HIV may well be the cause for humanity to be eradicated.

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