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  • February 1980
  • Hindu Businessmen's Association Chartered by Gurudeva
  • Hindu Businessmen's Association Chartered by Gurudeva

    Hindu Businessmen's Association Chartered by Gurudeva

    The Hindu Businessmen's Association was formed by the Saiva Siddhanta Church in June of 1979 for its members and San Marga Devotees. It was, in fact, created on the same day that the enormous Ganapati and Muruga deities within the Kadavul Hindu Temple first arrived from South India. An auspicious beginning!

    The H.B.A. is growing constantly, and at this writing there are 11 members: Muni Nalluran, Deva Rajan, Rajan Kumaran, Nandi Devam, Prasad Manjunath, Prashad Shanmuga, Dr. Devananada Tandavan, Kanda Aran, Nathan Palani and Shanmuga Devam. Each is the owner of his own business or in the process of establishing his own business, or is self-employed in a profession.

    The purposes of the H.B.A. are threefold: 1. To exchange and share business knowledge with one another, 2. To perpetuate the Sivashram Building Fund through monthly contributions by H.B.A. members of from 1% to 3% of their businesses prior month's gross income, 3. to help and encourage other friends and members of the Church who may wish to begin their own business.

    The first project given to them by the Church has been to take on the management and financing responsibilities of publishing, in India, the first English edition of the ancient scripture of Saivite Hinduism. "Tirumantiram," written over 2,100 years ago by Saint Tirumular. It was translated last year by Dr. B. Natarajan of Madras as was headlined in the last issue of The New Saivite World, and is now in the preparation stages for an initial printing run of several thousand copies, the printing to be done by Kalakshetra Press, also of Madras whose owner, Mr. Nachiappan, was a guest at Sivashram in October of 1979.

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