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  • February 1980


    Siva Nataraja Kovil on Kauai Finishes Major Construction, Interiors & Nandi Mandapam Next

    The Kadavui Hindu Temple received its first renovations nearly seven years ago, in the spring of 1973, when Kadavul Nataraja was installed. As a result of Lord Shannuga's command He was placed on what was then the front door step of Sivashram and immediately the building began to change around him. Construction through '73. '74 and '75 was on an expanding scale, but as it had mostly to do both foundations, most of it well hidden within the dome area around Lord Nataraja, progress seemed to be years in the making. No work was done in '76, '77 and '78, so the spring of 1979 found one and all hungry for some progress.

    The 1979 Sivashram Building Fund was formally announced in the February 11 issue of The New Saivite World, and contributions soon began to arrive to provide the funds for major new additions. By June 1st, however, less than $1.000 had been offered toward completion of Kadavul. A series of Progress Reports, letters giving full details on Temple work, plans and funding, was initiated with the first week of June, and the response was immediate and overwhelming. By month's end some 110 contributors, both family and single devotees, had given over $4.00 toward Temple construction, July, 1979 brought another $8.00 and by August 15th it was up to $19.00, all from the repeated generosity of these few contributors. Progress Reports were mailed out every 4 to 6 weeks, keeping everyone informed on a day to day basis, and by November 1st the funds had totaled to $23.000. One last effort for the year was announced top wrap up all the basic construction on the Temple structure by Jayanthi 1980. In less than 60 days yet another $21.000 was offered at Siva's Feet by the same 110 devotees, bringing the year to a close at just under $45,000, and we had the finished structure of the Temple to marvel at during the Jayanthi festivities.

    The next phase, of course, will be the fine finishing of the interior. This includes floors and walls of marble, in white, pink and black, as well as gilding, carvings and sculptures to be added in the Golden Hall and throughout the Temple stone and masonry work on the outside Temple walls and many other details of decoration, etc. But congratulations are due to all who took part in this past year's effort. We have made a grand beginning in 1979 and will have, without a doubt, a great deal more to show before the '80's are over.

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