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  • March 1980
  • Gurudeva Addresses the Hindu Businessmen's Association in San Francisco
  • Gurudeva Addresses the Hindu Businessmen's Association in San Francisco

    Gurudeva Addresses the Hindu Businessmen's Association in San Francisco

    The Hindu Businessmen's Association had an unexpected visitor at their monthly luncheon meeting on February 20th - Gurudeva just happened to be in San Francisco for the day and accepted an invitation to join them that afternoon. Gurudeva gave overview of the H.B.A. and its place in supporting the Saiva Siddhanta Church. Later in the meeting a review was given of the Church's construction plans for 1980, plans which include the repair of Sivashram's roof, damaged in the severe winter storm that hit Hawaii in mid-January, and the construction of the Nandi Mandapam that will house the enormous stone carving of Nandi, Lord Siva's Bull, scheduled to arrive later this spring. The renovation of the new Siddhanta Press building was discussed as the immediate project in need of financing and completion.

    The H.B.A. members learned that Siddhanta Press is not, as some had thought, a profit-producing printing operation, but rather the "voice of Kadavul Hindu Temple," subsidized and financed monthly by the Church for the sole purpose of preserving and perpetuating the Sanatana Dharma through preparing and offering prashadam of the Temple in the form of the printed word, the booklet and the pamphlet. Gurudeva explained that the monastic staff of the Press perform their services as their way of serving their religion and none of the income from the sale of publications goes to their support or to any other use than the publishing of yet more books, booklets, pamphlets and posters to serve the needs of Hinduism worldwide. "It is a closed publication trust, not a business," explained Gurudeva. The H.B.A. plans to finance as much as possible of the new shop's construction, and at least two members mentioned the possibility of coming to Sivashram themselves to do most of the carpentry work on the building.

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