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  • April 1980
  • Gopuram Day Puja Blesses Second Generation
  • Gopuram Day Puja Blesses Second Generation

    Gopuram Day Puja Blesses Second Generation

    First Namakarana Samskara for Born-Hindu Offered on Temple's Seventh Anniversary

    The arrival of the Lord Nataraja Deity at Kadavul Hindu Temple in 1973 is celebrated each year on March 12th, Gopuram Day, the anniversary of this great event. One day a tall granite Gopuram, an ornate temple tower, will be added to the Temple telling its history in beautiful carvings on all sides of the Gopuram. Each year there will be more to tell. Two events took place on this most auspicious day this year, both offering profound promise for the future of Saivism in the West - the arrival of the next Saivite generation and the coming of age of Siddhanta Press, 'the voice of Kadavul Hindu Temple.'

    All of the many Namakarana Samaskaras, Hindu name-giving sacraments, received in Kadavul Temple in the past have been for those adopting or converting to Hinduism after years of study. None had been seen yet for a child born of parents already of the Hindu religion until on Gopuram Day 1980 Rajan and Savitri Kumaran of Waialua, Hawaii brought their two week old daughter, Anjali, before the enshrined Deities of Kadavul Hindu Temple to be blessed and received with high ceremony into the Hindu fold. It is a great step forward. Scholars in India and Sri Lanka say that to fully establish the Hindu dharma in a new country requires three generations. When the grandchildren of the original immigrants or converts grow up and take their places in the community then Hinduism is firmly rooted. When one day Anjali and the many other children born each year in North America of Hindu parents begin bringing their own children to their Temples to receive Hindu names then the Sanatana Dharma will be as firmly a part of the West as it is of the East.

    The printing and bindery equipment that arrived at Sivashram last September from the Church Mission in Nevada, had been stored in the new Siddhanta Press building which is only a hundred feet from the Temple itself. On Gopuram Day a man from Heidelberg Printing-Corporation came at our request to overhaul and tune up this new shop equipment, none of which has been used in a regular way since 1973. He started with the Heidelberg press and soon had it printing for the first time in seven years. He also checked and adjusted every other piece of printing and binding equipment on hand over the next two days. The new shop increase the production capacities of Siddhanta Press several times over and even allows them now to produce bound books right in their own shop. The new press is a powerful piece of machinery to help spread the teachings of the Sanatana Dharma to every continent. Thus Gopuram Day 1980 marked in two ways a new generation for the Church in service to Saivites everywhere.

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