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  • April 1980
  • Hindu Women's Liberation Council Provides Layettes
  • Hindu Women's Liberation Council Provides Layettes

    Hindu Women's Liberation Council Provides Layettes

    The custom of giving a layette, a baby's cradle full of clothes, toys and blankets to the parents of newborn children, was begun this month by the Hindu Women's Liberation Council. The Council, whose stated purpose is to help liberate Hindu women from worldliness and to support them in their natural dharma as mothers and homemakers, has brought this traditional custom forward from earlier years as part of a larger program recently reinstated to provide for the newborn children of Church families. The ladies will usually make by hand the clothing, toys, pillows, blankets, etc. to be given just before the birth to the expecting family. All such gifts are placed in a new wooden cradle, which is also hand-made by the families for each new occasion and presented with blessings to the child's parents.

    The Hindu Women's Liberation Council, like the H.B.A. for the family businessmen, will have many similar projects in the years ahead in doing as much as possible together to prepare the way in the West for the next generation, for this is the grand and noble human task of Hindu householders. It is not enough to simply beget a family. The fathers of Hindu children must also provide without fail the Hindu temples, churches and schools for their children and grandchildren to attend else they have denied themselves and their offspring their spiritual inheritance and Hindu dharma. But the mothers of Hindu children have the essential role of creating and sustaining a spiritual family and home. Her dharma involves her in producing and raising the Hindu children who will follow our generation. Her dharma is central to the Hindu religion. The husband may work for different employers in his career. But a Hindu mother has only one lifetime employer in her husband, and one full time job at home that cannot be done on a weekends-and-evenings basis. Truly, Amma, our world turns around you. Won't you please stay home?

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