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  • May 1980
  • Lords Ganesha and Muruga Arrive in Kona
  • Lords Ganesha and Muruga Arrive in Kona

    Lords Ganesha and Muruga Arrive in Kona

    The Hindu Women's Liberation Council is pleased to introduce Sarasvati Sabaratnam, daughter of Surya and Parvati Sabaratnam of Honaunau on the Kona Coast of the Island of Hawaii. Sarasvati is a senior at Konawaena High School and is a marvelous example of the young Saivite womanhood the HWLC seeks to encourage.

    We are prompted to write about her because of an incident which occurred several weeks ago when the stone images of Ganesha and Muruga arrived in Kona from Virginia City. These are the images to be installed in the Bamboo Forest Temple when shrines are ready for them. The Temple property is located directly above the Sabaratnam residence and Sarasvati has taken upon herself the practice of performing puja, chanting, and decorating the site with flowers every day. Her devotion has been blessed with several vision of the Deities. At the same time that the images were being delivered to their temporary home, the Nalluran family shrine room, Sarasvati was at home helping her mother in the kitchen. Looking out of the window in the direction of the Nalluran home, she saw Ganesha and Muruga walking in a circle of blue light up toward the Bamboo Forest. She describes them as completely bedecked with flowers, Ganesha dressed in white and Muruga in orange. The Muruga image is that of Palani, the renunciate, and this is the form that appeared to Sarasvati. She also reports having seen Ganesha on two occasions, sitting serenely at the site of His shrine, gazing at her with doe-like eyes.

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