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  • May 1980
  • Hindu Businessmen's Association Supports Siddhanta Press
  • Hindu Businessmen's Association Supports Siddhanta Press

    Hindu Businessmen's Association Supports Siddhanta Press

    As mentioned last month, the HBA has offered to help in the financing of the new press shop for Siddhanta Press. This help has resulted in the shipment of some $2000 worth of framing lumber for the shop, sufficient to do the roof and windows. It is schedule to arrive in Kauai in mid-month. Deva Rajan and Thamby Malott bore much of the time and expense in gathering and making the shipment. This is a significant step toward the building of the new shop which will provide proper quarters for the press. It is now located in what is to be the temple library. Several pieces of equipment are not able to fit in this cramped area and remain unused until the new quarters are completed.

    Siddhanta Press is an extension of the Temple, giving out the darshan through the printed world. It is a religious project and not a business. The Shastras of Saiva Siddhanta Church describe its work: "Pamphlets, posters, posters, pamphlets, booklets, books, bulletins, and newspapers flew from the Siddhanta Press and found their way into welcome hands round the work. The world came to know of the sensibility of the Saivite path and thousands declared themselves to be Saivites through the publications of the Siddhanta press which carefully taught them how to become a member of the Saivite religion."

    To date the press has produced 60,000 Inspired Talks, 15,000 New Saivite World Newspapers, 25,000 prashadam phamplets, 15,000 greeting cards, 25,000 Tirukural posters as well as lesser numbers of Master Course lessons, monastic vows, church reports, and church office forms. It has done short runs of specialized printing of Namakarana certificates and name hange announcements. All of these publications are given free. The only project the press has done to date and been paid for was 1800 calendars for the New York Ganesha Temple - the total payment of $1600 covered the cost of the materials. The completion of the new shop, which the HBA has greatly helped along, will further this distribution of free religious literature.

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