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  • May 1980
  • Original Sri Subramuniya Ashram Building In Alaveddy Acquired
  • Original Sri Subramuniya Ashram Building In Alaveddy Acquired

    Original Sri Subramuniya Ashram Building In Alaveddy Acquired

    Committee Engineers the Purchase of Two-Story Facility in Sri Lanka

    The purchase is now complete of the building and property chosen by Master Subramuniya in 1949 to be his ashram in Alaveddy, Sri Lanka. This acquisition is the culmination of a year's negotiations by the distinguished administrative committee in Alaveddy officially called the Sri Subramuniya Ashram Paripalana Sabhai. Gurudeva is now on his way to Sri Lanka to formally take possession and rededicate the newly acquired building.

    When Master Subramuniya was living in Sri Lanka in 1949, he was inspired to found an ashram in Alaveddy and chose this particular building to be that ashram. A number of attempts were made over the years to purchase it. However, a number of obstacles had to be overcome, including the incorporation of Saiva Siddhanta Church as a recognized religious trust in Sri Lanka and the obtaining of necessary government approvals. A parcel of land nearby was purchased by Sri Subramuniya Ashram and used in the interim.

    The successful purchase of the building originally dedicated by Gurudeva as his ashram is indeed an important addition to the Sri Subramuniya Ashram complex in Alaveddy. It was exactly one year ago that The New Saivite World reported in its May 11th issue an important aspect of Master's 1979 world-wide pilgrimage was to be a meeting with his devotees in Sri Lanka in which he would initiate plans for the acquisition of the this building. Those meetings in April of last year catalyzed the formation of a committee of respected Alaveddy citizens which would administrate the facilities and programs of the Ashram. On June 23rd of last year, the inaugural committee meeting was held and the ten-member committee chosen: President, S. Arunasalam; Vice-President, A. Visvanathan; Secretary, V. Canaganayagam; Assistant Secretary, V. Nalliah; Treasurer, E. Nadesan, and committee members; T. Navaratnam, R. Mayilvaganam, S. Ponnambalam, T. Ponnambalam, and K. Arulananthan. The committee along with patron and Church trustee, Dr. S. Sanmugasundaram, quickly consolidated their efforts into a working administrative body, with five officers to oversee various aspects of Ashram management, and formulated the Constitution and Rules for the Sabai. The acquisition of this building has been accomplished only because of the dedication and perseverance of these men. It was Yogaswami who once said that, "Ten dedicated men, acting in concert, can change the world."

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