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  • July 1980
  • First-born Son is Second Born Hindu to Receive the Hindu Name-Giving Sacrament Here
  • First-born Son is Second Born Hindu to Receive the Hindu Name-Giving Sacrament Here

    First-born Son is Second Born Hindu to Receive the Hindu Name-Giving Sacrament Here

    In a profound and happy ceremony held on the evening of July 3rd in the Kadavul Hindu Temple, Srikantha Vinayaga, the newborn son of Murthi and Shama Vinayaga of Waimea, Hawaii, received his Namakarana, Samskara-name giving sacrament. He was four and a half weeks old. Srikantha's birthday, May 29th, was highly auspicious - it was the birthday of our Paramaguru Siva Yogaswami of Columbuturai, Sri Lanka in 1872, one hundred and eight years ago.

    Gurudeva was in Sri Lanka on May 29th and at that time pilgrimaging to Siva Yogawswami's Mahasamadhi in Columbuturai. He called that day to report news of his message to the Alaveddy community: "Look to the children," he had told them. "The future of Saivism depends upon our raising a generation of strong Saivites. If we lose one generation, the whole religion is lost." Only minutes before Gurudeva's call came through from the Far East, Srikantha's parents had called from the Big Island of Hawaii to announce their son's arrival. Not five minutes later the news was relayed halfway around the world to Gurudeva whose response was, "Wonderful! Here's the next generation! Saivism is spreading around the world through the children."

    Murthi and Shama are adoptive Saivites, meaning they have had no previous religion or religious loyalties to convert from. Their son, Srikantha, is a born Hindu. They are a young couple and live now on the Big Island of Hawaii where they are members of the Saivite Village on the Kona coast there. On May 1st they finished construction of their own home, a cottage in Waimea town. Murthi's chosen profession is interior design, he has established his own company, Nikko Interiors.

    Shama is a native of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and first became acquainted with Gurudeva's teachings in early 1973 through other disciples in her area. She began studying with Himalayan Academy and met Gurudeva for the first time on his birthday, January 5th, in 1974. She adopted Saivite Hinduism as her chosen religion and, at Gurudeva's request, remained at home with her parents until marriage.

    Murthi first met Gurudeva and began his studies in July of 1975. He received his Namakarana Samskara, formal recognition and entrance into the Saivite Hindu religion, at Kadavul Hindu Temple in September of 1977. Gurudeva arranged his marriage with Shama a year later, and the groom-to-be traveled to Edmonton on December 7th, 1978, to meet his bride-to-be. They were married there a week later and returned together to Hawaii. Shama received her Namakarana Samskara at Kadavul Temple two weeks later, on January 5th, 1979. They are determined to raise Srikantha in all the Saiva traditions, bringing the wisdom of the world's oldest religion to life for yet another soul.

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