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  • July 1980
  • Sri Subramuniya Ashram In Sri Lanka Augments Local Activities
  • Sri Subramuniya Ashram In Sri Lanka Augments Local Activities

    Sri Subramuniya Ashram In Sri Lanka Augments Local Activities

    Annual General Meeting Inaugurates Classes in Thevaram and English, Initiates Library

    The Annual General Meeting of the Sri Subramuniya Ashram Paripalana Sabhai was held on June 29, 1980, in Alaveddy, Sri Lanka. The meeting sought to implement three of the major suggestions offered by Gurudeva, Master Subramuniya, who dedicated the new ashram building on his recent trip to India and Lanka. Classes for children were inaugurated on July first in spoken English and Thevarams - classic Saivite devotional hymns.

    The President of the Sabhai, Sri S. Arunasalam, recently wrote to describe Gurudeva's vision of the Ashram's purpose, a vision which he shared at his meeting with the Ashram committee:

    "Gurudeva addressed all those present there, impressing on all that the Ashram was meant for the spiritual advancement of the young men of Alaveddy, particularly young children, and proceeded to state that it should be the responsibility of the Paripalana Sabhai (the managing committee) and others interested in fostering the aims and objectives of the Ashram to bring together young children, teach them and train them in the principles of Saiva Siddhanta religion, turn out an army of monks who could go out into the world at large to spread the eternal message of the Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy and guide their lives on the Saiva way of life. He exhorted the parents to give up their children for that missionary work."

    The committee now seeks to put these directions into effect. The classes are to be given free and will enlist skilled teachers from the Jaffna/Alaveddy area. In both the classes in English and Thevarams, the main idea is to put the students on the right path of Saivite Hinduism. The teacher of the Thevaram classes is being sought, while Mr. S. Arunasalam, Mrs. V. Nalliah, wife of the Assistant Secretary, and others will undertake to teach English.

    The Ashram Library is already under way, with many people from all over the island coming forward to donate books. Dr. S. Sanmugasundaran will be traveling to Alaveddy from Colombo next week to arrange for library furnishing. Books will be available to read at the Ashram itself rather than being lent out. The New Saivite World has learned that a young Brahmin man from Nallur has expressed an interest in becoming a Sannyasin and may be taking up residence in the Ashram to begin his preparations and training.

    English is being taught so that the youth, many of whom have had little exposure to English, will be able to participate and contribute to the modern society developing in Sri Lanka. In the outer sphere of life they will be able to communicate with people world wide, get and hold better jobs. In the inner sphere, they will be able to read the new editions of the scriptures in modern English, study the San Marga Master Course and converse with Gurudeva and the English-speaking Saiva Swamis.

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