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  • October 1980
  • New Book Offers Insights Into Worship of Ganapati
  • New Book Offers Insights Into Worship of Ganapati

    New Book Offers Insights Into Worship of Ganapati

    The book on Lord Ganesha consists of nine chapters. The first chapter is "The Nature and Functions of Lord Ganesha," an upadesha by Gurudeva, Master Subramuniya, explaining who Lord Ganesha is, what He does, and how He functions in our religion.

    Chapter Two titled "The Five Shaktis of Maha Ganapati" and is a further upadesha on how Lord Ganesha manifests His power through our home, family, friends, business, culture and religious activities.

    Chapter Three is titled "In the World, in Science, and Beyond" and explains how Lord Ganesha, as well as the other gods and God may be understood in the light of modern scientific thought.

    Chapter Four is "The Forms and Symbols of Lord Ganesha." It lists His major murthis or poses and explains their significance, and also includes the meanings of all the symbols associated with Ganesha such as the noose, the goad and the swastika.

    Chapter Five is "Worship Through Prayer, Japa, and Puja," and outlines a simple traditional puja or ritual worship for Ganesha which may be performed in the home and gives the 108 names of Lord Ganesha with an accompanying English translation.

    Chapter Six is "Lord Ganesha comes to North America" and gives several stories of visions of Lord Ganesha by devotees in America.

    Chapter Seven, "Stories and Games for our Children," presents the tradition Puranic stories such as how Ganesha won the mango from Lord Muruga, how Ganesha Chaturthi began, the writing of the Mahabharata, and the birth of Ganesha, as well as a children's crossword puzzle and a "connect-the-dot" drawing of Ganesha.

    Chapter Eight is "Saint Auvaiyar's Vinayaga Ahaval," the great mystic poem composed to Lord Ganesha by the Tamil lady saint Auvaiyar. It is translated into flowing English. Chapter Nine is "A Songbook of Hindu Bhajans" and contains a brief upadesha from Gurudeva on the benefits of bhajan and two of the most popular chants to Lord Ganesha. The book is a total of 135 pages and is one of the most complete presentations of Lord Ganesha ever done.

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