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  • November 1980
  • Namakarana Samskara For Ananta Palani
  • Namakarana Samskara For Ananta Palani

    Namakarana Samskara For Ananta Palani

    Newest Born Hindu Receives Traditional Ceremony in Flushing Temple

    Five-month old Ananta Palani received his Namakarana Samskara on September 18th, 1980, at the Ganesha Temple located in the small New York city suburb of Flushing. The ceremony was performed by the Brahmin priest, Umamaheshwara Sraridighal. Nathan and Bhavani Palani and their two sons, Satya and Ananta, only moved to New York a few months ago. They live near the Ganesha Temple and are very happy that the traditional Hindu Samskaras are made possible there through the services of the temple's trained Brahmin priesthood. Mrs. Palani wrote to The New Saivite World describing the wonderful ceremony:

    "An abishekam was performed inside the Ganesha sanctum to the Ganesha Mangal Murthi. At this point Ananta was oblivious to the proceedings, chewing contentedly on the little white Indian shirt he was wearing. After the abishekam, our family was motioned to sit to the left side of the sanctum. Ananta was showered with drops of blessed water, shaken from special leaves, and immediately he was attentive to what was taking place. A little ghee, honey and yogurt was placed in a little bowl. My husband stirred it with a gold ring while saying 'Ananta Palani,' then feeding it to him with this ring. He did this three times. Then my husband, myself and our son Satya said Ananta's name three times in his ear and three times with our nose on top of his head.

    "Most of the community members attended. There was a light and joyous feeling in the air. My husband wrote Ananta's name three times in a tray of uncooked rice. After the flame was passed to all, we were called back by the priest; rice was showered on Ananta and flower petals were placed on his head. All was finalized. At this moment, Ananta smiled from ear to ear at the priest and 'cooed' at him. His 'coos' continued while the teertum was passed and pictures taken. The kind priest gave him a smile and a thoughtful nod. The way the priest pronounced his name will ever remain on our lips - it sounded so ancient, deep and grand."

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