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Saivism in the World Today

There are millions of Saivites throughout the world seeking to know more about their religion and eager to assist the new generation of Saivite youth to learn, live, and fulfill their Saiva dharma. For them, and for others, we have prepared "A Catechism for Saivite Hinduism" and published it as the new Lesson One of the San Marga Master Course. Saivites born into the religion are encouraged to use it in classes for the youth. The youth are encouraged to study it and become better acquainted with how to live as a good Saivite in the technological age. It is most rewarding to observe young people memorizing the yamas and niyamas, studying axioms from the Holy Kural and learning proper temple protocol.

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of "A Catechism for Saivite Hinduism." Based on the Saint Tirumular Saivite theology, its questions and answers cover a variety of subjects, all the basics one really needs to know about his religion. Write to Himalayan Academy at 3575 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA, 94118, for your complimentary copy of the catechism. When you receive it, study it deeply and begin teaching it to the youth. In the world today, when Saivites are relinquishing heritage and sectarianism for a Neo-Indian religion which is not based on the Sanatana dharma but which adopts many Western patterns of protocol - some of the best and most of the worst - it is time to strengthen our roots and to cling to the Saiva dharma and in doing so make it work in the modern world and flourish in our lives. There are millions of Saivites who know these words to be true but who do not have enough knowledge about their religion to give a comprehensive presentation of it to their inquisitive youth raised to give a comprehensive presentation of it to their inquisitive youth raised in Western schools. Again, with this in mind, "A Catechism for Saivite Hinduism" was prepared and released to the world on Vijaya Dasami, 1980 for Saivites everywhere to read, to enjoy and to teach.

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