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  • January 1983
  • Inuvil Youths Unite to Promote Saiva Dharma
  • Inuvil Youths Unite to Promote Saiva Dharma

    Inuvil Youths Unite to Promote Saiva Dharma

    A new youth mission, appropriately named "The New Saivite Mission," has crystalized in Northern Sri Lanka, in the town of Inuvil. Its members held their inaugural meeting at the Inuvil Nadaraja Munivar Ashram on the 18th of October and announced their purpose - "to protect, preserve and promote Saiva Samayam in the technological age."

    The meeting began at 4:30 P.M. with a puja and arati at the Ashram Siva Lingam shrine and the recital of Thirumurai by well-known bhajan singer Thirupugal Thiagarajah of Inuvil. Members of the youth group, young men from their early twenties to late thirties, feel a close affinity to the Sri Subramuniya Ashram in nearby Alaveddy and a devout loyalty to its founder, Sri Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Primary organizer S. Sivagnanasuntharam, in his address, explained: "Even though we are an independent body, founded to protect and preserve the Saiva Samayam in its own lands, and to promote it even on foreign soil, we are bound by the grace of our Gurudeva, Sivaya Subramuniya Swamigal...Our mission should not find fault with others, but think positively and help the Subramuniya a Ashram in Alaveddy and the Subramuniya Kottam in Kopay to carry out their duties efficiently."

    The organization plans to hold a "Mission Day," a work-cum-study camp, each Sunday, at different localities in the area, to provide members "more physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual training." This is to be accomplished through selfless manual work, or Sivathondu, prayer, studying the teachings of their guru through tape recordings and his books and pamphlets, and meditating on these. Also planned are discussions of the socio-economic problems of the Saivites of each particular locality, which the young men hope to help with.

    At the elections held on the 18th, S. Sivagnasuntharam was voted President, S. Uthayakumar - Vice President, S. Sakthigirivan - Secretary; P. Jeevaratnam - Asst. Secretary, and M. Vamadevan-Treasurer.

    Typifying what seems a universal and growing spirit among the youth of Saivism - an eagerness to discover the principles, the metaphysics, behind the duties of religious life - Sivagnanasuntharam proclaimed to his compatriots: "We will only be able to achieve our noble objectives through purifying and coordinating, within ourselves, the chain of thought, word and deed."

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