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  • December 1986
  • Book Claims Nostradamus Presaged Hindu Destiny
  • Book Claims Nostradamus Presaged Hindu Destiny

    Book Claims Nostradamus Presaged Hindu Destiny

    Did the Renaissance mystic Nostradamus "see" the future of humanity, including a 1999 nuclear holocaust and the destiny of Hinduism on the earth? That's exactly what G.S. Hiranyappa of Bangalore claims. And to support his assertions he has published a book called Hindu Destiny in Nostradamus which makes some extraordinary predictions.

    Michel de Notredame was born in France on December 14, 1503 and died in 1566. He was both an astrologer and physician whose innovative work was noticed during outbreaks of the dreaded plague in Europe. Around 1547 he began to make prophecies, published later in a book called Centuries. The work consisted of rhymed four-line verses, quatrains, grouped in hundreds, each 100 called a century. Astrology was at a peak during his life.

    Even among his skeptics, some of his prophecies appeared to be fulfilled, and his fame spread far and wide, so much so that he was invited to the royal court of Catherine de Medicis, queen consort of Henry II of France. There he cast the horoscopes of her children and was appointed royal physician by King Charles in 1560.

    But fame brought criticism, and after his death the prophecies were condemned by the Catholic Church in 1781. The cryptic, difficult-to-comprehend nature of his writings have resulted in much discussion and controversy. Some are thought to have accurately prefigured historical events that happened only after his death. Others are considered to tell of events yet to take place.

    A First: Hindu Destiny in Nostradamus is the first book to interpret the seer's mystic verses in the light of Hindu dharma and Indian historicity. Mr. Hiranyappa observes that in one of his verses Nostradamus predicts that "the religion named after the seas will overcome the religion of the Caliph." He explains that the Indian Ocean's indigenous name in Hindu Maha Sagar, and of course in Islam the caliph is regarded as the supreme leader. He says "it becomes clear that Hinduism will defeat Islam."

    Hiranyappa further discusses his rendering of the controversially prescient prosody: "Nostradamus declares that China will begin a nuclear holocaust in 1999 with some middle-Eastern Moslem allies. These latter will destroy Rome and ravage southern and central Europe. But a great Hindu leader whom Nostradamus calls Chyren will lead a large force to Europe to destroy the Moslems and liberate Europe.

    "America and Russia will become the allies of Chyren. After a war lasting seven years, Chyren will be victorious. China and the Moslems will be annihilated. Europe, and particularly Germany, will become Hindu. Christianity will sink to the level of a cult. The pope will give up his claims and spend the last days in Jerusalem.

    Nostradamus prophesies that Chyren will make Hinduism the sole religion of civilized humanity in the next century after the Great Holocaust of 1999. Russia will abandon Communism in the middle of 1991 and become Hinduised. As a result of the nuclear destruction, a terrible deluge will sweep Europe. Several countries will become uninhabitable. Humanity, however, will escape extinction. Hindus and Hebrews will join hands to build a new Golden Age after the Armageddon."

    Readers interested in Mr. Hiranyappa's book may write to him at 60, Puttanna Road, Bangalore - 560004, INDIA. If his suppositions are right, it may be judicious to surmount any inherent procrastination or derring-do.

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