Digital Dharma

Digital Dharma


India by Motorbike

All travelers follow two paths, a physical path and a spiritual path," offers San Francisco-based travel and technology writer Carla King. In 1995, Carla's American Borders Dispatches was the first complete real-time multimedia web travelogue. Next came China, and she recently traversed India--all on motorcycle, regularly sending reports and digital photos which are immediately posted at Travel to India through her eyes and see what memories her tales stir within you.


Digital Buddhism

Out of Hinduism came Buddhism, through one of the greatest sages of mankind, Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. "Buddha: The Great Legend," by Cyber Multimedia is an artfully done CD about his life and the religion he founded. Spanning over 2,500 years, it contains a comprehensive glossary of terms, 700 photographs and 100 illustrations. The CD also contains video footage of Buddhist scholars and monks explaining the history and beliefs of Buddhism. With pleasant music and narration it is a good addition to anyone's educational collection. PC. us$34.50. India Club, Web:


Defending the Faithful

David Kostinchuk has personal reasons for distrusting television evangelists. He's not against anyone's religion, but has experienced one too many unscrupulous promoters. His web site at contains many counter-evangelism resources, including articles by him and others exposing


Guilt Free Gear

Now you can buy high quality shoes without feeling guilty because they are leather. Vegan Wares,, makes their shoes out of high-tech synthetic microfiber material, free of animal products. It's "breathable" and, in most situations, more durable than leather. It is also water-resistant, lightweight, supple and easy to maintain. And if you don't find the perfect shoe on their site, send them your favorite shoes (or a picture of them) and they will make a pair for you.

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