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We cannot contain ourselves any longer. Hinduism Today feels compelled (blush) to acquaint readers with its popular "Electronic Ashram" on the Web (Hinduism Whether you're after snazzy traditional graphics or loads of practical wisdom, entering our ethereal realm is going to enrich your life. You can view and download quality designer Aums, learn how to win an argument with a meat eater, read text that did not make it into the printed version of Hinduism Today, study a massive anthology of the Vedas, a complete translation of the mystical Tirumantiram, and other publications, and learn more about our publisher and his lineage. Or, for the truly earnest, you can "Click Here to Become a Hindu," and examine the step-by-step process of conversion. HT's own index of past issues (extending four years) is the most popular destination, judged among the top twenty visited religious websites by the folks at Webside Story (see HT July issue, pg. 54). To reach the links most commonly surfed on a recent July, 1997 day, click on "Our Top Visited Pages" as you enter our electronic ashram.

Yogi on Mars
Hindus were de-lighted to hear that "Yogi" was the second rock--after "Barnacle Bill"--visited in July by Sojourner, a 22-pound, six-wheeled vehicle landed on Mars by the Pathfinder Mission. A call to Mission Control revealed the large-bottomed rock was named after the 1950s cartoon character "Yogi the Bear," potentially erasing the Hindu connection. Ah, but Yogi Bear was named after baseball player Yogi Berra, famous for his wacky quips such as, "You can observe a lot by watching," and "It ain't over 'til it's over." A childhood friend nicknamed Berra after a movie's Hindu snake charmer. Since snake charmers belong to the Natha lineage, our Mars friend must be a Natha Yogi! Yogi Berra's advice to the Pathfinder's robot? "When you come to a fork in the road,...take it."

Eternally Encoded
The eternal religion--hinduism by Visonosoft of Chennai, India, is the first CD we have seen focused exclusively on Hinduism. Vivid illustrations and photos, music and 100 Vedic verses accompany mini-lectures under three headings: Inner, Popular and Cultural Hinduism. The CD is at secondary school level, though everyone will delight in the 32 video clips that propel you into Hindu life--e.g., watch a towering crane plunge a huge festival Ganesha icon into the ocean. Hundreds of Sanskrit words are defined and pronounced. This CD is recommended for school religious curriculums. Windows. US$55.00. Contact: Visonosoft, 91-44-457-668, fax: 91-44-855-3586, email:

Act Judged Indecent
On june 25, 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Communications Decency Act, concluding it endangers the First Amendment of free speech. The act went beyond its original aim of curbing Internet access of minors to pornography to outlaw forms of legitimate communication between adults, such as the sharing of information on AIDS.

Website-blocking software is only a partial fix. Hindu wisdom suggests parents give children a thorough sex education on the traditional laws of brahmacharya. Lovingly encourage your kids to ask questions, especially in their teen years, and to keep everything in the open with you--no secrets. As a result, they will be proud of purity and likely choose to avoid indecent material.

They call Iim Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni or the heavenly sunbird Garutmat. Vhe seers call in many ways that which is One; they speak of Adni, Yama, Matarisvan.


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