Digital Dharma

Digital Dharma

Yoga Town
Sri Swami Satchidadananda--famous for his grand LOTUS temple and fostering religious tolerance--and his 1,000-acre Yogaville ecumenical ashram are online at You can read Swami's Integral Yoga teachings (updated monthly) and hear an audio clip of his "aphorism of the week." Then learn about Yogaville workshops such as the bharata natyam dance camp and yoga therapy workshop for children with disabilities. A sample of Swami's witty wisdom on the site: "Our disappointments are due to our 'appointments.' Therefore, make no appointments and have no Dis-appointments!"

India Magic
These days no visa is needed to visit Bharat--just sit at your computer. With 40 minutes of video clips shot on location, this wonderful US-produced CD-ROM is like a TV documentary that adds multimedia with interactive maps and a timeline. These features and 220 photos cover India's land, culture, languages, peoples, history, art and architecture. All religions are mentioned, but the substratum of Hinduism is well conveyed through firsthand images of temples, sacred cities, clothing, weddings, yoga, the Kumbha Mela, music, dance and more. Windows. US$29.95. Contact: Anchalsoft, 2165 Silkwood DR, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 USA, email:

Cognizing Tantrika
In the vast tantric traditions, sexuality is only one aspect--contrary to Western perceptions--as you will learn at the Hindu Tantrik website ( based in the U.K. Color codes make it easy to navigate yantra diagrams, mantras, and scriptural texts on the Sakta lineage, pujas, meditations, kundalini, nadis and chakras. Images of Gods and Goddesses peer at you, and a bibliography of Tantric texts and English translations for hundreds of Sanskrit words make sense of it all. Even English translations of texts such as the Ganapati Upanishad, are downloadable.

Vital Force
One world, one Spirit" is the motto of the massive Spirit-WWW website ( that surveys manifold forms of spirituality in our world (and others). Sections include theosophy, New Age--channeling, lightwork, etc.--and many Hindu-related topics: healing techniques, reincarnation, meditation, yoga paths, astrology, Veda and dharma. Image galleries, audio and video archives complement these topics, and you can keep in touch by subscribing for free to the Spirit Newsletter. What's new? Swiss webmaster Rene Mueller has begun a "Spiritual Online College" to provide technical assistance for spiritual teachers.

He is Brahma. He is Siva. He is Indra. He is the immutable,
the Supreme, the self-luminous. He is Vishnu. He is life.
He is time. He is the fire, and He is the moon.

Atharva Veda, Kaivalya Upanishad 8

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