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Fountainhead of Saiva Siddhanta" Released in Special Ceremony

During his week as a guest at Sivashram Swami Atmananda performed the ribbon-cutting and blessing ceremony that released the Inspired Talk, "Tirumantiram: Fountainhead of Saiva Siddhanta" to the world. The high standards of the Inspired Talks booklets are more than met by this latest and largest addition to the series. The first afternoon of his visit Swami Atmananda was given a tour of Sivashram and Siddhanta Press. During the afternoon he watched the final pages of the Tirumantiram booklet coming off the press and at satsang that evening Swami was asked to perform the Ganesha aarti blessing our first small edition of this classic Saiva scripture. Similar ceremonies for each of the Inspired Talks booklets have been held in the past, and for each of these pujas a miniature mandapam or shrine is used which has a mirror-inlaid gopuram supported by four wooden posts so it is open on all sides. The image in the shrine is a small bronze of Lord Ganesha in the dancing pose. Five gold ribbons were tied around the four pillars of the shrine and several dozen first copies of the new booklet were stacked inside so the Tirumantiram was in Ganesha's hands. Swami performed the puja beginning by chanting in Sanskrit, offering flowers and libations to Ganesha again and again. It was nearly half an hour before the camphor flame was passed, and he stepped up to cut the ribbons around Ganesha. With a single snip the ribbon was severed and all the booklets tightly stacked around the dancing form of Ganesha burst out in the four directions as if hurled forth by Ganapati Himself. It was a thrilling moment. The Tirumantiram went out over the days that followed to over four thousand waiting hands around the world, a large percentage of them in India and Sri Lanka.

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