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Digital Dharma
Category : July 1998

Digital Dharma

What Else To Do?
Your gateway to nonviolent discipline on the Net is the No-Spanking website (www.cei.net/~rcox/nospan.html). From "20 Alternatives to Spanking" that tackle real challenges like tears and tantrums, to first-aid remedy lists for parents faced with emotional tension, the site links you to the best of 90s compassionate parenting. As one linked author says, "Don't take it out on your kids!"

"My Stars"
Want to plan your next flight to India according to the planets? Look for a new angle on healing? Or just ask a question about Vedic astrology? You can do this and more at CyberAstro (www.cyberastro.com), a classy on-line astrology service. Before committing to paid consultation with their professionals, you can request a free horoscope. Services include relationship analysis, life predictions, and remedies like chanting and gem therapy for illness.

Corel Captures the World
It would be great to bedeck your temple brochure or pilgrimage advertisement with a magazine-quality photo, right? Corel Professional Photos on CD-Rom can help. Their Galleria of 80,000 images is catalogued into hundreds of topics, including CDs for India, Nepal and Bali. On-line purchase options begin at US$9 for one image, but the best deals are their ten and 25-CD packs of 100 photos per CD, for just pennies an image. Search for your photos on Corel's website (corel.digitalriver.com/), where you can view at full size before ordering.

Vicarious Temples
India today calls it "cyberbhakti"--devotees soliciting temple Deities' darshan on the Web. Can't make it for Tuesday puja at Mumbai's historic Ganesha temple? Just visit their website (www.siddhiv
inayak.org) and "namaste" to your screen while viewing live puja (coming soon), or request a special archana for yourself. New York's large Ganesha Temple plans to follow suit. At least 50 US temples have their own sites, and the huge Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in London is on-line. Temples in several countries are listed at www.hindunet.org, and the Temple Encyclopedia (www.indiantemples.com) summarizes hundreds of India's temples.

In Him exists neither action nor organ of action;
no one is found His equal or superipr.
His supreme power is revealed in manifold forms;
inherent to His nature is
the working of His strength and wisdom.

Krishna Yajur Veda, Svetasvatara Upanishad 6.8