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Digital Dharma
Category : February 1998

Digital Dharma

Savvy Students
Like to send your friends a digital postcard during a festival? Join an on-line "chat" session to discuss pressing issues or nuances of Indian philosophy? Consult the sacred calendar, panchangam, for the year's festivals or the daily astrological weather? Notify the Hindu Anti-Defamation League (write to editor@rbhatnagar.ececs.uc.edu) about insults in your local media? You can do all this at the Hindu Students Council's large website at www.hindunet.org. It surveys everything Hindu, plus India's anniversary.

Hindi's Digital Guru
Embarrassed by your children's hindi on your last visit to relatives in India? Buy them "Hindi Guru," by Magic Software, and let their computer teach them Hindi by taking them on a digital visit to North India--recreating experiences as the guest of a Hindu family. They'll learn traditional greetings and how to shop, understand a Hindu wedding and more as the CD narrates standard conversational phrases, supplemented with cultural clues, songs, word games, a dictionary and illustrated encyclopedia. US$49.95. Write: Magic Software, F-6 Kailash Colony, New Delhi 110 048, India. E-mail: mail@magicsw.com.

Zillions of Zines
ooking for your favorite news publication on the Web so you can read it for free? Don't bother laboring through generic search engines. Just go to "The Ultimate Collection of Newslinks" at http://ppp
p.net/links/news/, where 7,000+ online magazines and newspapers worldwide are conveniently organized by continent and country. More are added every few days, and you can register your own publication in a flash. You'll find 62 links to Indian publications, ranging from The Hindu to Computer World. Nepal has eight links, Bangladesh eleven and even tiny Mauritius has eight. India's listing is the third most popular on this site.

Orderly Chaos
f you think our cosmos is chaotic or empty, note these Upanishadic insights: "This whole universe is subject to Life.... it is encompassed by order." Out of every seeming destruction in the vastness of space, something new is created. Scientists are discovering magnificent cosmic events, from colliding galaxies to a star 10 millions times our Sun's power. You can witness these events by visiting the Hubble Space Telescope's incredibly sharp pictures at http://oposite.stsci.edu/pubinfo/Pictures.html

God is the whole universe.
He is the God of life immortal and of all life that lives by food.
His hands and feet are everywhere.
He has heads and mouths everywhere.
He sees all, He hears all. He is in all.

Krishna Yajur Veda, Svetasvatara Upanishad 3.15?16