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Published: Fri, Feb-22-2008

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Posted below are just a few of the letters we have received here from subscribers that are very happy to be receiving the magazine and the information it brings them each and every quarter.


In January I presented Hinduism Today’s YouTube videos on the textbook controversy (www.youtube.com/hinduismtodayvideos) at our local temple during a general body meeting when the attendance was high. I also had a ninth-grader give testimony to the congregation on how he dealt with this issue in his class and what were the main issues he felt were misrepresented in his history book. It went very well, sparking a lot of discussion. I also showed what other communities in the USA have done and what we can do locally. Now its up to the temple board to come up with a petition to present to local school boards. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance to bring awareness in our local community. Padmaja Patel, Midland, Texas, USA.


In Praise of Hinduism Today
One of your readers put me in touch with your magazine when he read a reference to a blog written by me in “Diaspora: Zed Gives Historic First-Ever Hindu Prayer in the US Senate” (Oct/Nov/Dec, 2007). I then downloaded the issue and was amazed to find the depth and variety of your coverage. The highlights of Hinduism Today are its bright, colorful images, contemporary news, expert opinions and in-depth articles. The lead article of the issue is the pilgrimage to the six renowned temples of Lord Murugan, and the cover appropriately is a painting of Lord Murugan serenely astride his vahana, the peacock. The ten-page feature on Hindu music is a must for lovers of Indian music. The article traces the origin of music from the Sama Veda to the various forms of contemporary Indian classical music. I find special empathy with Dr. Karan Singh’s view on the interfaith movement. Dr. Singh is from the vanishing breed of erudite luminaries who have contributed wholeheartedly to the development of both Hinduism and India. Hinduism Today reflects the full diversity of Hinduism from theology to culture. Every reader will find articles that interest him or her. I am sold on the magazine, and I was compelled to record my joy and appreciation of the effort you are putting into this venture. Harsh Nevatia, Mumbai, India.


Once you have read hinduism today you cannot stop reading it, and hence I do not want my subscription to discontinue. I am glad I have a lifetime subscription. C.S. Pitchumoni, Somerset, New Jersey, USA.


I have been reading your online version of Hinduism Today, and I wish to compliment and congratulate all those involved in producing this excellent and informative magazine. Rajdev Thota, Stanger, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.


Hindu press international is a welcome step in the interest of Hindus all over the world. May it grow from strength to strength to unite the Hindus of the world to save themselves from the clash of civilization ensuing between the two warring monotheistic religions. K. Parthasarathi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


True Success
Hinduism today is a triumphant voice of the Hindu population spread across the world. It embodies the wisdom of Sanatana Hindu Dharma in its pages and is a holier magazine than the journals professing other religious faiths. The essence of spirituality is said to have been absorbed in Saivite tradition and practice. In “What is True Success?” (Oct/Nov/Dec, 2004) Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami expressed his deep concern that some Hindu parents feel that their children’s participation in Hindu religious activities is a complete waste of time, meaning that it contributes nothing at all to their becoming successful. But Hinduism never advocates material success, but instead favors and furthers the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and happiness—all guided by dharma. Swami brings out a beautiful and succinct analysis of dharma, artha, kama and moksha, the exclusive qualities of a Hindu way of life. These four legitimate goals of piety, wealth, pleasure and liberation form a cornerstone of Hindu ethics, transmitted to us through a long line of teachers and disciples from the Hindu point of view.

Initially started as a trickle, Saiva Sid-dhanta Church accumulated like a holy river and made its way to the spiritual surface. It began its eternal flow from the origin and foundation of Kadavul Temple at Kapaa. It has been ordained by Yogaswami, who initiated Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Now the lineage continues in Bodhinatha Veylanswami, whose holy presence testifies to the victorious march of Hindus around the globe with dharma as its center pole of success, and happiness as its flag of victory.

Ever fresh in my memory is Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s pilgrimage to the Hindu temples and Saivite monasteries during his global spiritual odyssey in 1981. He was accorded with an overwhelming reception hailing him as a globe-trotting Hindu messiah. I was deeply impressed by the Satguru. It was an uncommon sight to see a foreign sadhu among the orthodox local Saivite puritans. The Hindus here and abroad will reverence his memory forever. The silver jubilee occasion of 25 years of Hinduism Today shines as a memorable experience, making us confident that the Satguru’s message is widespread and known the world over. R. Ramasami, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.


A Treasure Trove
Your magazine has touched a deep chord in me. I went through the archives and read the past issues. Each surpassed the other in the sheer magic woven into the articles. Hinduism Today is surely a treasure trove of knowledge and information on myriad topics and a fitting tribute to the oldest religion in the world. Mahua Das, Calcutta, India.


Hinduism Today Is Beautiful
Thanks to hinduism today for the 
knowledge we enjoy by reading the beautiful magazine. Your team is doing such a great service by bringing Hinduism to our doorstep here in Australia. What a joy it is each time to pour over the glossy, colorful articles. It’s getting more and more attractive as the years go by, like a young maid. These articles capture the hearts of readers. Many of my friends here borrow it from me the minute they see it. I await each issue eagerly. It is the only Hindu magazine that caters to the older and younger generations alike. I know it will be popular eternally among generations to come. Nagesvari Nadarajah, Epping, NSW, Australia.


Hinduism Today Digital Edition
I don’t think i can find the right words to express the gratitude, admiration and joy that all this beauty and wisdom is being offered free of charge for the world to uplift ourselves. You are doing a great service. In a world where media offers mostly violence, aggression and anxiety, Hinduism Today Digital Edition (www.hinduismtoday.com/digital) is a clear, open window through which we can see the world in a new—ancient, rather—way: as the harmonious creation of Siva’s Shakti. Nityeshwari Bordoy, Walden, NY, USA.


Excellent Publication
I came to know about your magazine through the Internet a few weeks back. It is excellent in content and the presentation of Hindu views and way of life. I felt an inner urge to submit my thanks for the service you are rendering. C. Sivaraman, Pondicherry, India

We look forward to having you join our world family of subscribers!