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Published: 2008/2/22 8:32:25
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(The Story of Hinduism Today Continued)

The editorial team is amazingly adept, working with equal facility on books, web pages, art projects, children's texts and lessons, and more. In 2009 they launched a major new website which showcases their extensive resources, resources which give guidance and knowledge to Hindu families around the world. In India the pandits still sit on the ghats in Haridwar-nothing ever changes. But Hinduism Today has embraced change with enthusiasm in full cooperation with some of these same wisdom-laden pandits.

So, Who Reads Hinduism Today? Hinduism Today reaches Hindus in 80 countries. Besides Hindus in countries across the globe, readers include seekers of every ethnic group and religion, attracted to the sublime philosophies of Sanatana Dharma: ayurveda, yoga and the benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle. Indophiles and all who have traveled to India and been mesmerized by her magic count themselves among the readers of Hinduism Today, and, perhaps surprisingly, the clergy and theological students of other major religions form a strategic part of the HT family. A very vital contingent of Hinduism Today is the second-generation Indians growing up in foreign lands. For them, many who know the magazine only in its digital version on the Worldwide Web, Hinduism Today provides answers to perplexing questions in an intelligent and easily accessible way. These are the children who have to deal with classmates who have formed misconceptions about Hinduism from films like Indiana Jones in which Hindu sects are shown eating eyeballs and cracking monkey skulls to eat the brain. Every Indian child living abroad has had the distressing experience of peers asking "In India, do you ride elephants and tigers and live in trees?"

With its colorful graphics, comprehensive cover stories, and educational Insight Sections with detailed descriptions of Indian traditions, rites and customs, Hinduism Today makes religion contemporary, current and viable for these young Hindus by birth. The Publisher's Desk, In My Opinion and the Letters page all conspire to set up a lively dialogue between intelligent readers, academics and believers. Columns like Global Dharma and Minister's Message keep readers abreast of the current events affecting Hinduism. The Quotes & Quips humor page and Healing touch upon many issues of interest to even non-Hindus, such as the dangers of second-hand smoke or ways to alleviate menopause. Their goal was and is to create a true Hindu renaissance by providing readers, browsers, believers and non-believers alike a forum, a soapbox to vent their feelings and discuss every aspect of Hinduism and how it effects modern life. HT has done this, and Hindus worldwide wholeheartedly congratulate them for achieving their goal of renewing a diminished sense of Hindu pride and presence in the modern world. It looks something like Newsweek, only better, making it possible for our Hindu front to continues= to promote the world's oldest religion.

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