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Published: 2008/2/22 8:32:25
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(The Story of Hinduism Today Continued)

Role Models for Today's Hindus: Unlike most religious publications which focus narrowly on one sect or tradition, Hinduism Today uses the printed words as a magnetic net to draw in all types of readers. Its editors realize that Hindus-often stereotyped by the mass media as fundamentalists or swamis living in mountains-are ordinary, everyday people in the swim of life, and it is these millions that Hinduism Today tries to reach with stories of spirit and courage. Especially abroad, where there are so few markers for Hindus in mainstream life, the people profiles in Hinduism Today serve as encouraging role models: famous scientists, artists and doctors who contribute to the world around them and are proud Hindus. Hindus such as Kiran Bedi, Pundit Athavale, Madhu Kishwar, Ram Swarup, Lata Mangeshkar and Pankaj Udhas. The editorial team works closely with hundreds of swamis around the globe. This creative cooperation among leaders is one of HT's unique (and not easily achieved) contributions to the varied of streams of Indian spirituality.

To young people well-versed in computerese, Hinduism Today is especially attractive. It's on the Internet, and its colorful, exciting graphics and text provide many megabytes of hard-to-find information for seekers. In recent years the magazine team has developed a YouTube channel and produced dozens of information-rich films that anyone can access, for free. A whole generation of young people, so used to the computer, are able to read Hinduism Today on their own, even without parental encouragement. For children growing up abroad who have few role models and too many colorful distractions, HT shows the best of Hinduism in a subtle, one could say a sneaky, way. Before they know it, children and young adults are lured into the wonderful world of Sanatana Dharma through computer graphics and colorful websites. For those of them who don't know the Hinduism's classical languages of Sanskrit and Tamil, English translations of ancient Sanskrit classics and Tamil scriptures offered on the HT Web Site open up a whole new wonderful world for the younger generation. Hinduism Today succeeds in reaching a savvy young audience who may or may not visit the temple regularly or attend religious meetings.

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